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Fresh 48 Session

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

The new must-have photo session for expecting parents.

I am so honored and happy to announce that I will be offering Fresh 48 sessions. I decided to do this because many moms have said to me that they wished they did this. This session is very different than a newborn session. I do encourage moms to do newborn sessions at a professional studio. However, these sessions are shot when a baby is between 8 to 10 days of age. Babies have grown a little by then. Fresh 48 are shot within the first 48 hr after baby being born. This is also totally different than birth photography. I want mamas to remember the moment they gave birth. Because It's your baby's story. It's your story. It's your family's story.

Let's define what Fresh 48 is. This is a special session done at the hospital or birthing center. It can also be done at home. This is for families who want the first few hours of their newborn's life captured without having the entire labor or birth documented. It is usually held within the first 24-48 hours of the baby's life. Just when they're fresh humans :D. This session is perfect for remembering that first day forever. Many families LOVE doing this session for when they introduce their baby to the baby's siblings. This session lasts 60 mins.

I wanted a Fresh 48 for my baby. I brought my camera and I snapped multiple shots of my hospital room, the baby, my nurses, my meals, etc. You can see my hospital gown in the photo above. I know Rachelle will be so happy to see these photos when she gets older.

How to prepare for a Fresh 48.

Let's get your baby ready for his/her first professional photo session.


I would suggest to bring a momento for this session. When you start packing your hospital bag be sure to include this memento in addition to an outfit for baby and your family. Try to wear neutral, solid colors. For you mama, try something simple and comfortable. I wore a white bath robe that the hospital gave me and for my baby I bought something simple online.

Hair & Makeup

I know, I know... who is thinking about makeup after giving birth? Nobody!! However, I would suggest to put on some lipstick and mascara just to enhance your beauty. If you want to do full makeup, by all means do it. For your hair, you can just throw it in a bun and let it loose. If you want to do something else to it, please do whatever makes you comfortable. Some mommies feel refreshed after simply taking a shower. I want to make this easy for you.


This is a lifestyle session. My goal is to document the story of the first hours of your baby. I don't expect to have your room spotless. Please don't stress out about this. Once I arrive I will open the curtain or blinds. I want the best natural light possible. I might move things around to get clean shots. I would advise to only have mommy, daddy, and siblings in the room for the session. That way we can capture your emotions and feeling through my camera. I consider this an intimate moment. We want a relaxed and quiet moment. If time allows, then extended family can get in for a couple shots with the baby.


We have to communicate. Give my phone number to your spouse or doula if you have one. If so, they can shoot me a text and we can coordinate the time for me to arrive. I would prefer to come before 5 pm. I would like the best natural light possible. When it's dark, photos tend to look not so good.

First thing I will do upon arrival is... you guessed it.. WASH MY HANDS. Babies are so delicate and they're adjusting to be out of the womb. I will be handing your baby so hygiene is crucial for me. I know this especially since I've worked at a hospital.

Know that I totally understand that you will be recovering after having your baby. I know you will be healing and I respect that. I was there too. My promise to you is to make this session stress free. My desire is for you to have photos that you will cherish later.

Fresh 48 Session is usually held within the first 24-48 hours of the baby's life.

I will be delivering an edited gallery 48 hours after our session. This way you can send a baby arrival announcement in social media and/or mail announcement cards. If you would like to make announcement cards I will be more than happy to help you to do that. I wish someone had helped me with this. Unfortunately, we didn't design baby announcement cards for my own baby because I didn't have time and I wasn't feeling good. Good news is that I can do all of that for you. So for now, if you'd like to mail those, start gathering family and friend's names and addresses and email them to me if you want to invest in cards through me.

I want you to remember that your job is to relax and enjoy every second of your beautiful baby. I want this experience to be stress free for you and your family. You won't regret booking this session. Let's document those little fingers, toes, hands... ahhh I love this! If you want to know more check my investement page.


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