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Get to know my story...

I guess I'll start with why I became a photographer. Mom didn't take that many photos of my brothers and I when we were little. This makes me sad because I won't be able to show there photos to my babies.  Also, my mom doesn't have photos of her pregnant with me or either photos when my parents got married. I decided I wanted to change that. I've been a photographer for about 6 years now. I want moms to be in front of the camera more. We tend to take photos of our kids but rarely we are in them.


Besides being a photographer, I'm also a mom. I have a 10 month baby girl, Rachelle. My husband and I met in Redding Ca at Mercy Medical Center. We were working in the same floor. It was kind of like Gray's Anatomy. I loved working with him. In July 2017, we took a 22 day trip by the coast from Eureka all the way to LA. We stopped in San Luis Obispo and we felt in love with the area.  We knew this was the place we wanted to raise our kids. In October 2018, one month after finding out I was pregnant, we moved to San Luis Obispo. We transferred to French Hospital where my husband happily serves the community as a nurse. As for me, I decided at the beginning of 2020 to leave my position at French Hospital to stay home with Rachelle. Besides serving families as a photographer, I'm also working towards finishing my nursing degree. 

This year I became a board member of the Central Coast Childbirth Network , a non-profit organization that helps our community with helpful resources. Check it out.

What I love about being a photographer is that I get to serve people. My goal here is to serve YOU!

Vision Statement

My vision is to document your family’s important events and to leave you

with tangible memories to be treasured in your family legacy.

Mission Statement

My mission is to serve families by capturing timeless memories while providing

an enjoyable experience and offer high quality prints that can be preserved and passed

down from generation to generation. 

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